Sheep Dip 52
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Sheep Dip 52 Show Summary

Tired of getting ripped off by sleazy politicians and predatory businesses? Sick of crappy service and tax dollars down the toilet? Too bad, there’s not much you can do about it. But if you’d rather laugh than cry, come to the automatenspiele kostenlos spielen and see a crew made up of your wild and crazy neighbors make fun of all the things you hate and roast the folks who desperately need it. If you didn’t come to Sheep Dip 52, here’s what you missed!

Part of the cast from the shows opening
Part of the cast from the show’s opening

Sheep Dip 52 adopted the slogan “Still Not Playing with a Full Deck” to poke fun at ourselves and prepare our audience for the annual Roast of the Town’s spoof of 2015.

Director Sue Higley put the cast and crew through their paces for almost two months to hone raw scripts from the warped and creative minds of our anonymous writers into semi-polished skits, songs, and dance numbers.

After Governor Brian Sandoval opened the show with a funny video, an energetic musical number “We’re Sheep Dip” got the audience in the proper mood.

Next came broadcasters emeritus Dave Finley and Ron Smith, providing some opening banter and setting the tone for the rest of the show.

Fine Young Cannibals
Nevada’s Republican Legislators gather around Michelle Fiore (Linda Lott), her assistant Annie (Joyce Trombley), and Senator Greg Brower (Norm Frank) to ponder the state of the State in “Fine Young Legislative Cannibals.”

The more than usually dysfunctional Nevada Legislature came under scrutiny in a skit titled “Fine Young Legislative Cannibals” with portrayals of recognizable public officials and broad satire.

A musical tribute to retiring U.S. senator Harry Reid featured the number “Hello” from Broadway’s “Book of Mormon.”

Part of the cast from the shows opening
Sarah Johns and Dave Lawrence of KOLO-TV rehearse a premarital spat in the “KDIP News” update.

Local newscasters from KOLO-TV (and soon to be newlyweds) Sarah Johns and Dave Lawrence anchored a segment of KDIP News, while KRNV’s Joe Hart starred in another popular “Ask Joe” comic segment.

The controversial Margins Tax set the scene for “Robin in the Tax Hood,” a battle in the Carson Forest called between legendary outlaw Robin of Ormsby and the evil Sheriff of Carsonham. Go to our website and get free pokies online. Hurry up to go and start winning.

Terri Hendry from KDIP News interviewing El Nino
Terry Hendry of KRNV interviews El Nino on “KDIP News” about his effect on northern Nevada.

In video segments interspersed between the on-stage action, Medical marijuana and El Nino came in for some ribbing, as did NV Energy’s antipathy to solar power and a sisterly exchange between Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve and Amanda Sanchez.

Also featured in the show with between-act commentary were radio personality JJ Christy, KOLO-TV meteorologist Jeff Thompson, and reprises by Sarah Johns and Dave Lawrence. Finley and Smith awarded the infamous Sheep Dip Shaft to Governor Brian Sandoval (his third) for the largest tax hike in Nevada history, Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve for the rainbow flag fiasco, Washoe County School Superintendent Traci Davis for outrageous salary and perks, and past UNR President Joe Crowley for alleged involvement in medical marijuana (funny story there). And the Sparks City Council got a special shaft for their beaver eradication program, presented by none other than Justin Beaver!

Our tribute to the life of Midtown
Mother Truckee, Kathy Breen (center) regales citizens and tourists (played by most of the Sheep Dip 52 cast) with tales of Midtown then and now in the musical tribute “Midtown.”

The show closed with a musical skit that paid tribute to the rebirth and renovation of the Midtown area featuring parodies to songs old and new.

Honor Flight Nevada check

Proceeds from Sheep Dip 52 totaling $14,000 went to Honor Flight Nevada to fly military veterans to visit their memorial in Washington, DC, and $500 was given to the Evelyn Mount Foundation.

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