Sheep Dip 51
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School board boondoggles, Tesla tax breaks and armed rancher standoffs got you down? Sick of grabbing the dirty end of the stick? Don’t get mad, get a laugh out of it. Yes, the Sheep Dip Show can take that frown and turn it upside down, making fun of all the things that have you fired up. Your friends and neighbors spend months writing and automatenspiele kostenlos online spielen ohne anmeldung, making videos, and rehearsing songs and dances to entertain you and make you laugh at all the crap that happened the past year.

Sheep Dip 51 did just that for 2014, dipping the year’s newsmakers in a vat of satire to cleanse them of their myriad sins. But guess what? They’re just going to do it again, so make sure you come to the Sheep Dip Show every year! Here’s what Sheep Dip 51 had to offer. Go to our website and get free pokies online. Hurry up to go and start winning.

Sheep Dip 51 opening number
Pat and Ron Smith lead the cast in “Happy,” the Sheep Dip 51 opening number, surrounded by aliens and the tinfoil hat brigade.

Playing on the number of our anniversary and a Nevada icon, Area 51, Sheep Dip 51 was subtitled “Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind.” And there were lots of absurd things in Nevada to poke fun at.

The cast and crew mounted the Nugget stage under the command of Director Sue Higley and put on a show that had the audience rolling in the aisles.

Governor Brian Sandoval’s video
Governor Brian Sandoval’s video, opening Sheep Dip 51. He is accompanied by Elon Musk (played by Barry Schoppmann) in his natural state.

A pre-show song written by Lacy J. Dalton recognized our Area 51 connection, while Governor Sandoval again opened the show with a video. Dave Finley and Ron Smith were on hand to set the tone for the show with a humorous back and forth, interrupted by a song about the amazing number of mayoral candidates on Reno’s ballot. The rebellion of Cliven Bundy, his adoption and subsequent abandonment by certain politicians was anchored by our own Wonder Woman, Jakki Ford in the “Wonder Bundy” skit.

A series of animated/live action videos, “Drone Wars,” spoofed the drone delivery phenomenon, and a live-action session among local notaries (played by Sheep Dippers) dissected Reno’s tourism efforts in “Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda.”

Friend Like Me
The Genie (Hannah Blayney) dances for Chris Kilian (Aladdin’s parrot, AKA Lance Gilman), and John Murphy (Aladdin AKA NV Gov. Brian Sandoval) in “Friend Like Me.”

A parody of the animated movie “Aladdin” morphed into a spoof of Nevada’s courting, wooing, and winning Tesla in a skit titled “Friend Like Me.” Police militarization and outrageous statements by Nevada politicians were satirized in “Reno PD Christmas Carol” and “We Have an Ass for That.”

The Popular “Ask Joe” segment revisited the problems of fracking, this time with an emphasis on earthquakes.

The recipients this year for the coveted (?) Shaft award were: The Nevada Assembly Republican Caucus for its fiasco in nominating officer, with Pat Hickey accepting; the City of Reno for the parking meter debacle, accepted by Naomi Duerr; the Washoe County School Board for the firing of Pedro Martinez and subsequent fallout. Howard Rosenberg accepted; the voters of Washoe County, who neglected to show up for the election, Mayor Bob Cashell accepting. Cashell also received a meritorious award and a silver Sheep Dip 50 medallion in honor of his years of service as mayor.

School Board, the Musical
Walt Lowe as ousted Washoe County School Superintendent Pedro Martinez in “School Board, the Musical.”

The show closed with “School Board, The Musical,” a Jersey Boys style takedown of the board’s inept handling of firing its superintendent. Local celebrities appearing during the show with between-acts commentary included the aforementioned Finley and Smith; KRNV’s Joe Hart with our own Sarah Palin lookalike Jan MacKenzie; dueling weathermen Mike Alger (KTVU) and Jeff Thompson (KOLO); KBUL Radio’s JJ Christy and KRNV’s Samantha Boatman.

Honor Flight Nevada

Sheep Dip 51 raised $13,000 to help fund Honor Flight Nevada’s first all-Vietnam Veterans’ flight to Washington DC.