Sheep Dip 50
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Fifty years! Fifty Sheep Dip Shows! For half a century, Sheep Dip has been the comedic conscience of northern Nevada and the Truckee Meadows. The automatenspiele kostenlos ohne anmeldung spielen has taken on politicians, bankers, scam artists, overblown projects, legislative bodies, courts, and the rich and powerful, and dipped them in our steaming vat of satire. If someone in a position of power or privilege commits a dastardly deed, Sheep Dip will hold them accountable by making them a figure of fun.

So if you’ve been missing this trenchant hilarity for all these years, it’s high time you found out what it’s all about! Join us for our next half-century and laugh along with us. Here’s what you would have seen if you’d been at Sheep Dip 50. Go to our website and get free pokies online. Hurry up to go and start winning.

Fifty years of Parody for Charity was the theme, and the cast included famous guest stars on stage and in video.

Governor Brian Sandoval congratulates Sheep Dip Inc. President Roger Diez
Governor Brian Sandoval congratulates Sheep Dip Inc. President Roger Diez on the show’s milestone 50th anniversary

The first was Governor Sandoval, whose video greeting congratulated the show on a milestone that coincided with Nevada’s 150th birthday!

The opening musical number featured music throughout Sheep Dip’s history with three divas on stage; Cami Thompson, Jakki Ford, and Hannah Blayney.

Ron Smith, the only participant in all 50 shows, directed and teamed with Dave Finley for opening remarks.

Sheep Dip 50 guest star McAvoy Layne as Mark Twain
Sheep Dip 50 guest star McAvoy Layne as Mark Twain

A retrospective of the first show was in the form of a song by comedian Allen Sherman, who appeared in that show.

Mark Twain (McAvoy Layne) hosted a skit named “Cannabis in Nevada,” comparing the handling of medical marijuana today and how it would have happened in 1864. Cheech and Chong (played by Dippers) joined him in the spoof.

Next was a parody of the Daily Show titled “The Daily Sheep” with a John Stewart impersonator and his cohorts addressing Nevada issues. Former State Archivist Guy Rocha anchored a tribute to long time Sheep Dip supporter Barbara Vucanovich.

Frackin’ Drilling
Joe Hart of KRNV gets the lowdown on fracking and water quality from Dennis Bryan (L) and Sue Higley (R) in “Those Frackin’ Drillers”

Next came Sheep Dip’s first Ask Joe feature, with a rancher worried what harm fracking might bring to water her supply. Joe Hart had the answer.

Burning man came under consideration in “Vaya from the Playa,” a look at the gentrification and corporatization of the counterculture festival.

Our Sheep Dip quartet sang the praises of the Ascuaga family and their longtime support of the show.

The Sheep Dip Quartet
The Sheep Dip Quartet, L-R Cheryl Arobio, Mike Anderson, Kathy White, and Sue Miller with guest star Lacy J. Dalton

Then it was time for the Shaft awards, presented lovingly to: the Nevada Republican Party for their numerous gaffes and missteps through the year; Ebenezer Rhodes, Nevada treasurer in the 19th century whose embezzling still affects our school budgets; political pundit John Ralston, whose pronouncements sometimes scoop Sheep Dip; Senator Harry Reid for egregiously awful energy ads asking for thanks; and the People’s Choice Shaft to Curbside Systems, Inc. for the truly execrable and odious downtown parking kiosks.

Nevada politicians played by our Dippers came in for some ribbing in a skit called “Too Much,” and the show closed with country music legend Lacy J. Dalton starring in “Friends in High Places” about Nevada’s wild mustangs and their problems with the BLM.

Sheep Dip 50's four divas
Sheep Dip 50’s four divas (L-R Jakki Ford, Hannah Blayney, Lacy J. Dalton, Cami Thompson) take their bows with the show’s cast

Our local celebrities and personalities providing between-act commentary for Sheep Dip 50 included the famous Finley/Smith duo; KNPB’s Brent Boynton and KTVU weekend anchor Jennifer Burton; Reno mayor Bob Cashell and Sparks mayor Gino Martini; TV anchor emeritus Tad Dunbar and local fixture John Tyson; and KBUL radio’s JJ Christy and KOLO news anchor Sarah Johns.

Sheep Dip’s chosen charities for our 5th show were the For Kids Foundation and the Children’s Cabinet.

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