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Sheep Dip 55
The Final Curtain

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  1. Preshow stage
  2. Opening Number
  3. What is Sheep Dip? - Howard Lewis & Pat Smith
  4. Then & Now
  5. Then & Now - Dave Ruhl & Jackie Peterson
  6. Lime Bike Skit
  7. Lime Bike Skit - Walt Lowe
  8. Moving Ghosts
  9. Hookers & Hof
  10. Hookers & Hof - Kathy Easly
  11. Shafting Queen
  12. Shafting Queen - Kevin Karp
  13. Dave Finley & Ron Smith and the Shaft Girls
  14. Dave Finley and the Shaft Girs - Kathy Breen & Barbara Finley
  15. Ask Joe Hart-throb
  16. The Splat Skit
  17. The Splat Skit cast
  18. It's so Nice to Spend This Time Together - with Ron Smith
  19. The Closing - Ron Smith
  20. Postshow stage
  21. Stage crew
  22. Sarah Johns and Dave Johnson
  23. Jeff Thompson & Brentt McGinness
  24. Joe Hart & JJ Christy
  25. Linda Lott with Mr. & Mrs. Don Cralle
  26. Brent Boynton
  27. Doctors of Sheep Dip Awards
  28. Masters of Sheep Dip Awards
  29. Masters of Sheep Dip
  30. Masters of Sheep Dip
  31. The End ...

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Sheep Dip 55 Show Summary

Sheep Dip 55 brought the final curtain down on the show that has been Reno’s satirical conscience since 1965. For its last performance the show dealt with the challenges of the Eldorado’s unique stage configuration and made it all work.

Opening Number
Opening Number

After the Governor’s video, with appearances by many of the state’s previous chief executives, Gladys and Tyrone from “Laugh-In” made the first of several appearances. Then the opening musical number, a tribute to “The Greatest Showman,” led into veteran Dippers Dave Finley and Ron Smith in the opening “stool” segment, interrupted by “What is Sheep Dip?”

The first skit, “Then and Now,” took a look at the difference in family dynamics between 1965 and 2019. After another purse pummeling of Tyrone, the now-departed Lime bikes made their first musical appearance. After a screening of “best of” Sheep Dip videos, KOLO weatherman Jeff Thompson and RGJ columnist Brett McGinnis led into the second skit. Titled “Moving Ghosts,” it dealt with the plight of spirits who had inhabited the old Evans Avenue houses being moved for UNR expansion.

After another Lime bike interlude, veteran Dipper Brent Boynton and Sheep Dip rookie Rebecca Kitchen (KOLO morning anchor) introduced “Hookers and Hof,” a moving (?) tribute to the late brothel owner and winning legislature candidate.

Lime Bike Skit
Lime Bike Skit

Gladys and Tyrone were back, followed be the Lime bikes and a second video montage. This led into “The Shaft,” the coveted award presented yearly to deserving individuals and organizations. The musical lead in, “Shafting Queen,” featured a WWE Smackdown-style competition for the position of “Shaft Girl.” The dynamic duo (geriatric division) of Smith and Finley presented the show’s lifetime achievement Shafts to perennial winners UNR, the State of Nevada, the City of Reno, and the City of Sparks.

After another set of videos, Trixie Softrocks from the KY Ranch in Elko and UNR Ag School’s Dr. Cal Folker, with his “Sperminator 3000” flummoxed KRNV’S Joe Hart in the “Ask Joe” segment. “Ask Channel 2” was Joe’s closing comment.

Hart was immediately back on stage with KBUL Radio’s JJ Christy to introduce the final skit, “Splat.” It featured all the wildlife threatened by traffic on the new Veterans Parkway extension.

Then it was time for a bittersweet farewell, sung to “We’re So Glad We Had This Time Together,” and 55-year Dipper Ron Smith exiting the stage last.

Final Curtain - Linda Lott
Final Curtain - Linda Lott