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Sheep Dip 53
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Sheep Dip 53 Show Summary

The Sheep Dip Show had a new home for its 53rd annual roast of Nevada. After a long run at the Nugget, the beautiful theater at the Eldorado in downtown Reno is now the place for dipping newsmakers in their annual vat of satire. Although the location is different, Sheep Dip is still dedicated to pointing out the follies and foibles of the Truckee Meadows in the past year, in hopes that the perpetrators of governmental and corporate overreach will see the error of their ways. Hasn’t happened in 53 years, but we keep trying!

9 to 5-ish
Rehearsal for the skit “9 to 5-ish” about the sexual harassment charges at City Hall. Jackie Peterson (blue jacket) as Mayor Hillary Schieve, with Mel Higley, Kathy Easly, Judy Hoch, Jay Hoch, Marnie Frank, Maire Burgess, Kevin Karp, Dan O’Connell, Mike Bryant, Drew Shafer.

As is tradition, Governor Sandoval opened the show with a humorous video, followed by a production number that thwarted the lead singer’s attempts to perform. Then emeritus newscasters Ron Smith and Dave Finley warmed up the crowd with commentary on the year that was. The first skit, “9 to 5-ish,” poked fun at the sexual harassment scandal that involved the city manager and a cast of dozens. The show then poked a bit of fun at the medical and health insurance establishment in the first of a series of quick scenes scattered through the show.

Baseball vs Soccer
Feuding Reno Aces and Reno 1868 Futbol Club players are calmed by The Most Interesting Man in the World in “Baseball vs Soccer.” L-R Kevin Cralle, Sharon Maginnis, Roger Diez, Carol Kinsler, Dan O’Connell.

After a video break, a Reno Aces player had a confrontation with a player from the 1868 Futbol Club, which is now sharing Greater Nevada Park. The dispute was settled by the Most Interesting Man in the World. Channel 4 anchor Joe Hart and Channel 8 meteorologist Jeff Thompson had some humorous comments about real estate deals and sports in Reno, with an interruption by a kneeling Colin Kaepernick lookalike, who got mixed reviews from the audience.

One Percenters Have Feelings Too
High rollers (and one interloper) take in a UNR football game from the new VIP Club Seating section in the “One Percenters Have Feelings Too!” skit. L-R Kathy Breen, Barbara Finley, Norm Frank, Peter Breen, Howard Lewis.

Next up was a skit titled “One Percenters Have Feelings Too,” which dealt with the new “high roller” section at Mackay Stadium and the infiltration of Burning Man by the well-to-do. Another medical scene and a video segment let into a sendup of the “Fix Me Stick” with a couple in bed experiencing remarkable results. Then came the infamous Shaft Awards, hosted by Smith and Finley and featuring a circus of a song and dance number. Shaft nominees this year included Wells Fargo (phantom accounts), the Reno City Council (sexual harassment issue), Las Vegas Raider stadium ($$$$ giveaway), and the Eldorado (bad judgment in inviting Sheep Dip back). Amazingly, they all won!

Reno’s pub crawl community
Pub crawlers brawl over territory in the skit “Crawlers.” L-R Ken Wilson, Kathy Buch, Dennis Bryan, Sharon Maginnis, Chris Kilian, Hannah Blayney, Kara Maddox.

Channel 8 news anchors Sara Johns and Dave Lawrence followed Shaft with a Sheep Dip news update, with Dave commenting on Sarah’s pregnancy-induced “pectoral enhancements” (it’s OK, they’re married to each other). Sarah departed the Sheep Dip news desk to partner with KBUL radio’s JJ Christie for the final celebrity commentary of the night. That led into the final skit, which addressed Reno’s pub crawl community. Faced with the threat of a liquor shortage, the Santas, St. Patrick’s Day crawlers, Pirates, and Superheroes mixed it up only to be routed in the end by the Zombies.

And all the fun resulted in donations of the show’s proceeds to the Veteran’s Guest House, the For Kids Foundation, and Evelyn Mount’s community outreach.

The Baseball Game by Larry Jones